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Welcome and thank you for visiting my homepage.
My name is Kaori.
I'm glad you are interested in Japanese culture.
Japan has a very diverse culture which has been embraced for a long time.
It continues to be a vital part of everyday life.
When you have the opportunity to visit Japan,
I'm sure you will enjoy many aspects of Japanese culture.
I offer a large variety of courses
and can arrange a specialist instructor to teach you.
I'm interested in Japanese culture with my main focus on
teaching about tea ceremonies and Kimonos.
If you are interested in any of these courses please contact me.
I look forward to hearing from you.




【Martial Arts】
●Kendo  ●Karate  ●Judo

【Traditional musical instruments】
●Flute  ●Koto  ●Drum  ●Shamisen

●How to put on and wear.

【Tea Ceremony】
●Preparation and serving of traditional Japanese tea.

【Flower arrangement】
●Includes all materials needed.

【Japanese Calligraphy】
●Practice Japanese writing using traditional paper and writing tools.

【Traditional dishes】
●Learn about ingredients and preparation.

【Traditional dance】
●Learn about and practice Japanese dacing.



1 person, 1 hour @¥1000


Please note a combination of more than one course is possible.
Please check course duration when booking.
Course content and duration is very flexible
to meet your indivisual requirements.

For all inquiries and bookings please contact me via email.


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